Fearrington Fun for Everyone

As the summer sun begins to warm our days and the beautiful magnolias begin to bloom, we are all itching to get out and enjoy our enchanting Fearrington Village!

Weddings and Fearrington Village Go Hand in Hand!

BrideFirstly, a heartfelt congratulations to all that were recently wed in Fearrington Village this past May from all of us here at Fearrington Home Sales. There were truly lovely ceremonies and blessings to all of the happy couples. May your days continue to be filled with love.

Fearrington Village Foodies Celebrate!

The days are getting longer and it is terrific to see Fearrington’s local scene blossoming with residents taking in the sun and the fun in the area. Let’s all also give a round of applause to the Fearrington House for recently being voted one of America’s Top Ten Restaurants by Fox News. Awesome job! I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

The energy and spirit of Fearrington Village is alive and well. There are even some new innovations afoot as recently there was an all electric Tesla being powered up for a hotel guest. My, how the times are changing. Green is the new black!

Whether making you are enjoying a spa day followed by a terrific meal or simply strolling away your evening under a clear and star-filled sky, be sure to not let summer pass you by. Let’s all enjoy ourselves and our neighbors and continue to make this community the place to be!

Stay Tuned for More Fearrington Village News and Updates!

Be sure to visit this blog often as it will be our goal to publish timely information about our beloved Fearrington Village!

Until our next post,

The Fearrington Village Homes Sales Team

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